Renovate your kitchen at 1/3 the price of new!

Furniture Renovation

At Ébénisterie De Chez Nous, you will find specialized services of professional quality in order to restore all the luster to your faded and antique furniture,  entirely by hand!

One of the great advantages of restoring your furniture is preserving its authentic value by giving it a "new life" at a very reasonable price.

We know that the quality of today's furniture is nothing like that of the past. The latter are made of low quality and not very durable materials.

This is why the vast majority of our customers decide to restore their furniture instead of buying new. They have furniture that has stood the test of time and just needs an expert touch to make it look like new.

Ébénisterie De Chez Nous Renovate your kitchen at 1/3the price of new!